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Friday, July 30, 2010


"Stand" came out of the lyrics to a Skillet song called "Awake and Alive". We are all going to have to take a stand someday. We will all face opposition from someone at some point over our faith, and we have to make a decision. Who will have our allegiance? Who will we choose? The answer has everlasting implications.

Don't forget that I would be happy to pray for anyone in need. Take advantage of one of the many ways to get ahold of me and I'll be glad to keep you in my prayers.

Have a great weekend everyone, and now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to a end of the school year party for my children! God bless!

Monday, July 26, 2010


God is matchless and that is where "Matchless" began. I was sitting in my van, looking out at a patchwork sky of clouds and God rays, and I was overwhelmed with a feeling of awe. The God of everything was looking down at me and loving me like no one else ever could.

I pray that you had a blessed weekend, and that you feel His touch throughout this week!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hand in Hand

God is our Heavenly Father, and "Hand in Hand" comes from a picture of a child holding their daddy's hand. Although in the case of God, it means so much more because of His glory and perfection. The comparison between our hands and His is so poignant to me.

Have a great weekend everyone, and may God continue to pour out His blessings on you all!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Heavenly Messages

"Heavenly Messages" speaks about those times when God speaks to us. In dreams or visions, He pours out the gift of prophecy on those of us who have been chosen for it. I love the thought, and the experience, of God blessing me with a thought or message that perhaps no one else has. The scary part comes in being asked to share those things with other people and not knowing what their reaction will be!

Barring any unforeseen complications, I'll be working on another video this evening. This one will be for "Holy Sacrifice", one of my very early poems. I'll post a link here, on Twitter, and on Facebook when it is finished.

I know I keep bringing this up, but I want to make sure everyone knows that I would be happy to pray for any of you in need. Just let me know through any of the avenues available what you need, and I will pray for you!

Finally, in the very near future I'm going to be changing the look of this blog. I have a rough idea of what I want to do, but I just need to get the courage to take the leap. So, maybe next time you check in, things will be looking different!

Have a great day, and I'll talk to you again on Friday with another new poem. God bless everyone!

Friday, July 9, 2010


I don't know about you, but I'm covered with a lot of scars. A few of them are visible, physical scars, but most are within. Emotional, spiritual; those are much more prevalent.

"Scarred" is about some of those things. The scars we carry personally, and also the scars society has.

It's also about the scars that brought salvation. The only scars that matter now. All those other scars can be healed by His scars.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and God bless! See you next week!

Monday, July 5, 2010


I pray that you all had a wonderfully blessed 4th of July weekend! And for those of you who are off of work again today, hooray!

Today's poem is called "Battleground". It speaks about the daily warfare that occurs within us as we choose between God's way and the way of the world. The outcome is ultimately up to us, moment by moment, decision by decision.

I'm going to be updating the look of this blog soon, although to be honest I'm not exactly sure what I'll be doing. I just know it's time for a change!

In case you were not around when the announcement came, my poetry now has its own YouTube Channel. There are currently two videos up, and I will try to add two per month from here on out. Please leave comments and let me know what you think of them!

Finally, about ten days ago I posted here letting you know I would be pleased to pray for anything that you needed. Just know that at anytime, that offer stands. Send me an e-mail, post in the comments, send me a message on Twitter or Facebook.

Have a blessed week everyone!